e enjte, 26 korrik 2007

You thought paul button had a bad case of paranoia

On 16 March, a Calagry publishing house brought out a "novel" by Lynn Crosbie. In the explosive foreword, the author informs the reader in the opening sentence, "I am a call girl". It goes on to say that Lynn became a man-hater after she was read to, at the age of 14, by a drunk poet who was also bedding her mother. The book is supposed to have evolved from the dairy Lynn kept since her teens, detailing her encounters with senior Maoist editors at Brick, as well as a former Professors at the once famous Coach House Press. The book claims that Crosbie was intrigued by the Press and agreed to become the mistress of an influential writer when she realised he knew what had really happened in the Press in Sept 1988, when 10 editors of the Press, including the bpnichol, died mysteriously. "Crosbie ' claims the deaths were plotted two years earlier after it became known that Michael Ondaatje had "billions" stashed away in banks in India, Switzerland, Pakistan and elsewhere. It alleges the present editors decided to annihilate the entire staff to inherit the money. Ondaatje appears to be the only one to have benefited from this dastardly scheme.

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