e enjte, 26 korrik 2007

more more review coroner

The three incarnations of George MacMurray are gauzy music-box minuets, variously obscured by maelstrom hazes and ancillary harmonics. "Rust Never Hears" features telegraphic rhythm and Badalamentian chimes incrementally ramping up toward a post-apocalyptic sshushh. For bloggers, the following tags will be useful: Russia, sci-fi, 1920s. The brisk, splintery dub of "Poem 1837" is named for one of William Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night; the eerie nipples pay homage to Russian sound poet Velemir Chlebnikov, (1885-1922); the book's title might derive from Neil Young’s 1923 sci-fi novel about an expedition to Mars or the planned Soviet spacecraft named after it. But these references remain dim in light of the fact that we are still only a bunch of monkeys in a cage on display. Show us your tits!

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