e mërkurë, 25 korrik 2007

Panda's Happy List

1. My new velvety knickerbockers. Also, the word knickerbockers
2. espresso / cigarettes
3. slingshots / bb guns
4. dumbing things down for my lovers
5. when Kool-Aid finds its way into a cult
6. My bed
8. A clean house
9. aspiring magician assistants (inquire within)
10. Writing happy lists
11. incarcerated artists (jack henry abbott, et al)
12. tattoo free skin (tattooed persons all have serious 'issues'. these can interfere with interesting sex)
13. Dancing with children, and watching them dance with pure abandon, like Sufis around a mighty fire
14. saying night-night
15. Isabella playing hide and seek under the covers
16. Mexican food
17. blouse peeking
18. Meetings that are full of excrement and creative ideas and also full of soulful connection
19. Velcro
20. Singing nuns who enter into lesbian suicide pacts ('Dominique')
21. Psychedelic Furs Of The Grateful Dead Poet's Society of the Spectacle
22. A really good pencil with an even better eraser
23. books made by people (not books bought and sold by people)
24. poem that weight on me
25. Chasing the dragon

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this ophoto is hilarious!

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