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They created a world where dudes rode Harleys to Hades in search of a shag rug : An Imagery Of Restful Forboding : TISH, The Early Issues.

Frank Discussion Davey had this to say to a fan via email when asked what verbs he played on the first two TISH issues:

"Hello Steve, on the first two issues I used "got shit on for" a lot. In the first issue I used a "treat with malice or extreme disrespect" modifier through a Black Mountain College thesaurus [it only had three pages in it -- here in Vancouver in those days, we couldn't afford Roget's, and the dweebs over at Black Mountain had a strong propaganda machine at the time since three on the board of trustees were plants from the C.I.A. syphoning funds directly into the institutional coffers. Ho Ho Ho, those were the days, let me tell you, sonny! and don't even get me started on the chicks..."]

"A small or worthless amount" was probably an old Olson hand me down, as I think that was the only choice in those days. They were so old they probably sounded flat.

I'm not sure what "take a dump" I used on Corpse Paint, but it was probably something Bowering told me to use, he was always bossing us other guys around like he was Sir Paul McCartney or something. He had had experience in the military, you see, -- he relished those memories and told countless tale of his exploits with a dozen sweaty men in the bowels of the submarine he was stationed on... anyway, none of us really cared, see, the rest of us just wanted to smoke dope and get laid. I think we managed to write a poem or two, but in retrospect, I'm not sure how we even managed that... but the chicks, holy tish! those little mamas were willing to do anything for one who purported to be a scribe. Its nothing like it is these days."

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