e hënë, 30 korrik 2007

Keep-the-lights-on-Soft-Sell-sale! Forty per cent off!

It all falls into place on the very last page! -- The Kute Kit Cat Robot Poetic ! Direct from the Snarf Bok Press at full retail price, including special "limited editions" ! The contests are just a merchandising front for the press, so they can make more money! And the winners of the various contests only get coupons for a percentage off of the Snarf Bok Press books, so even with the grand prize coupon (50% off) they still make a decent profit, (standard retail markup being 100% of wholesale price, so a Snarf BokPress book that sells for $40 costs, (say Canada Post by Jason Christie) the store $20, and probably costs the cool people over at SNARF Boks only about $3 to manufacture (remember they get Canada Council moola). Labor of love indeed! Nuff said! And, they make you pay $30 a year for their glorified catalogues! But hey, its not as though there are enough corporate brochures in the world. We need more! Plant a tree today to insure the future of Snarf Bok Press tomorrow. Your 3 legged grandchildren will thank you for making the world a safe place for corporate brochures.

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