e martë, 31 korrik 2007

tupac spelled backwards is caput

Krispy Book: This is an eye-opener right here. Hopefully, for all the youth, kids, I mean, even the grown-ups, everybody, I hope this is an eye-opener, man. Word up. 'Cause they should see, right now, that poetic trickery is not the key, and that it's real. Vispo is real, Karl Kempton is real, you know, all that stuff is real, man, Kenny G is real real dope and It's up to us as artists to take responsibility for what we're saying in our poems and in our Snarf Boks and things of that nature, you know, like the community. But it's like, you can't water down the words, you can't water down the schooling, all you can do is lead the hose to water and hope by golly its thirsty. It's like, when those shots go off, the kid, the average kid in a poetry boot camp can't close his eyes to it. The kid's dehydrated, needs some water. And the stuff may be everywhere, but can you actually drink any of it? Can you swim in the water, like I mean, sure, there's always a risk of drowning, but can you put your body in to the water and still be copasetic? This is not a television show yet, this is reality, some real-life heart of the poesy. And its coming for you... its coming for you now.

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