e hënë, 30 korrik 2007

Dave Franky's Karla's Web's Engrish

things i'm happy to have behind me:

1) big conference in honour of Frank Davey's brilliant Homolka research
at York that made it difficult for me to take the bus like a normal person for the last couple of months (though I did eventually adapt.)

2) realizing that I don't REALLY want to go to The Black Mountain School (at least not right now) and thus not taking the GMAT of SCAT SCANS or what ever. (Am told there are blackflies in them thar mountains!)

3) johnny winter edgar Scientology

things that i'm very much looking forward to:

1) your sister visiting (she arrives tomorrow). I can't wait. I love your sister and I intend to ask for her hand in marriage. But first i'm curious to see if she'll do it before then. Oh yeah, its going to be good.

2) the Hillary Duff 8 minute concert and fun things that I am doing in the next few weeks with your sister (in light of #1); such as, going to the soda shoppe, windsurfing, getting ready for the costume ball (theme: bunnysuits), cleaning out the sump, etc.

3) reading ancient Greek in July with Franky - I really have to get into some of that golden ass!!!

things that I'm finding quite bothersome as of late:

1) hand wringing... which really just seems like the world was diagnosed as being bipolar/psychophrenic... somehow this one might always be on the list... the world shows no signs of letting up the error of its ways.

2) the fact that Jimmy Stewart seems more in touch with reality than any politician I can think of offhand, and as much as I love "It's A Wonderful Life", I'm just not sure how capable it is of influencing global politics... (I felt similarly about Mr. Smith goes to Washington in the late seventies...)

3) the "bizarre love triangle" performed by my three housemates, your sister and the wind-up planets on our balcony all gaily lip-synching to that mostly beloved New Order tune of yesteryear (Love Vigilantes also in the mix, ditto 'when doves cry'.)

things that have made me very happy as of late:

1) Franky passing his triathlon and being done with training, for the most part (i.e. a more normal life and time off from the army of the words...i.e. more time with yours truly ;-P)

2) knowing a lot of people who are being active for incredibly good causes, and being able to support them, financially or otherwise. I'm not sure what this means but it sounds good. (though it must be said, I do draw the line at volunteering my time...)

3) discovery of a new (at least to me) poet, dbnichol- he's dead - died in Iraq I think, during the Vietnam war.

4) Richard Wagner's music finally being on iTunes (and his new opera coming out in the relatively near future) and the recent TalonAudioBook release of Thus Spoke Zarathustra as read by Paris Hilton and the Olsen Twins.

5) watching "I Spit On Your Grave" with your sister until 2am (minus the getting up in the morning part) followed by a feverish reading of "I Spit on your Graves" by Vernon Sullivan (a.k.a. Boris Vian) until the sun comes up and then we fall asleep in a cosy ball on the shag rug

6) summer starting to be available at the market

7) getting a fun amazing new laptop (and recording equipment....mmm, garageingarbageout and I will be good good friends very soooooooon)

8) real personalized snail mail-art yum yum, arf!

so, I suppose if push comes to shove I need to be thankful that at least I'm out of jail and your sister is coming to stay with me!!!!

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