e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007

Run for the Border Blur

Odd as it may seem, Don Mackay is perhaps best understood as a Post-Pat Lowther Award. That may seem a strange thing to say about this working-class poet renowned for his mad, knotty, verbose rants. But the Mac has always been about the headlong momentum, the drive of a "sweet" ensemble, nailing that same signature Lowther hot groove. Above all, The Mac is in a jam band (or, at least, a sliver of one) known as The BorderBlur Runners-Up.

The Mac states that, because of his wealth, "I shouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner" but still would (he'd just eat more because it, like himself, is cheap). There is usually a sign on his award whining books saying "Macaroni & Cheese hurts the head. The Mac would appreciate donations to maggie approved food banks or other socially judgemental organizations instead. Thank You."

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