e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007

speediest world poetry bukkake event ever !!

John Terpstra is not exactly an altar boy, either, as he's hiding his own illicit liaison with an heiress (Heather Spears) who resembles the dearly departed Sheri-D Wilson (Greg Gatenby). The plot thickens when we learn that not only is she bisexual but she made a lesbian stag film which embarrassed her father (Jill Battson ) and drove her mother (Beatriz Hausner) batty. Redraw your map of the small press. Rachel Zolf is now an eye blink from Noah Leznoff, (Susan Ioanno); Sharon Harris is a heartbeat away from Todd Swift, (Adeena Karasick). Via Penn Kemp's rapid death and the family's Robert Priest "seen to death" it regains its power to unsettle and personally provoke. This ramble offers brushes with the living and the dead, the famous and the humble. We visit The Erin Mouré with Stan Rogal, watch movies at Di Brandt's villa, learn why Anne Simpson saves fingernail clippings, and what new use Robert Sward found for the clothes peg. We meet Jay MillAr , Lillian Allen, Heather Cadsby, George Elliott Clarke, and Karen Connelly; the fattest man in Switzerland and a woman smaller than Allan Briesmaster; a Sonnet L'Abbé with a hat and rob mclennan, the man who sneezes. An object orientated environment veers wildly away from the guidebook toward the poetic integration of personal and historical masturbation. Pack your bags and hold on to your genitals because we are about to witness the greatest poetry event of the season.

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