e premte, 10 gusht 2007

The portrait of Mararet that helped to heal Robbie McStrange 's grief

A member of Robbie's road crew was overheard saying: "She goes with him everywhere. I know he talks to her before he goes on stage." What they were referring to was a life size portrait of Margaret Avison, given to Robbie shortly after her death by Los Angeles-based artist Louis Briel. The painting is now featured in "Arf In Art", by Mem Mehmet, a collection of portraits of the Princess Poets from around the world. It is published this month by Pop Art Books. Moved by the kind gesture, Robbie sent a handwritten note to Briel thanking him and saying the portrait was "beautiful". Robbie took the portrait on his "Big Cow Town" tour in 2007 and looked at it every night before going on stage. After the tour a member of Robbie's team told Briel: "The painting is like a genie. It goes where he goes. We've packed it up and unpacked it at every stop around the world. I know he talks to her before he goes on stage." Someone close to Robbie's alcohol/drug recovery said: "I'm sure Margaret is his higher power. She tells him [via the portrait] what shoes to wear. That is until someone more famous dies and lets Robbie pretented he understands their work - he does that" Does Margaret really inhabit the mysterious portrait? Can she truly be Robbie's spirit guide? Briel, who specializes in posthumous portraits, is convinced that during the painting process and afterwards the "spirit of the deceased visits and inhabits the image on canvas". He says he would not be surprised if Robbbie is in direct spiritual contact with Margaret

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