e premte, 10 gusht 2007

as robert planet would say the song remains the lame....

I've been remiss in announcing a new magazine I've been co-editing in
St. Catharines, PRECIPICe (www.brocku.ca/precipice), but I do so now
with good cause: we're accepting submissions for the upcoming Fall
issue. All the information and guidelines are on the website, and all
the details about the first issue as well -- which has some great new
work by bill bissett, Gary Barwin, Shane Rhodes, Margaret Christakos,
Nathalie Stephens, Andy Weaver, David Seymour, and rob mclennan,
amongst many others.

And while the old issue is definitely worth checking out, the call is
on to submit some writing for the next one! We are looking for
innovative fiction, poetry, plays, experiments, visual poems,
transcripts of sound poems, and pretty much anything that crackles
with at least a tangential relation to language.

I'm suddenly curious about the possibility of a writing that does not
have at least a tangential relation to language, so if you have some
of that, please submit it as well. No limits, then!

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