e mërkurë, 1 gusht 2007

a heart-shaped patch of inappropriateness.

...where you write about Duff's pantys sitting on your dresser ...while you masturbate nearby ...creates a watermark for this heat, this frost freeing all of us, getting us into your own juices and breath, your pussy and your hands ...your ship and your rudder. What did the power of this act ultimately make for you? Were you internalizing information along the way? It's a finger on the way to epiphany, "writhing and grunting" a larger part of yourself loose in order to build a newer frame. At the point of orgasm we hear the klaxon of the pantys -- contact finally made, and something's made more whole along the way. it was just one of those, it was just one of those, it was just one of those N = I = G = H = T = S ...

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