e martë, 31 korrik 2007

from 'beyond good and evil cupcakes'

Ron and Marie Disney's Web Page and Trivia blog offers the internet's only fame and notoriety, due in large part to its popularity as a controversial Blog. Debuting on August 22, 2002 to little fanfare and without expectations of an audience, it is now (arguably) the most influential English-language blog on the world wide web that is devoted to contemporary poetry, poetics, CIA mind control and South American torture techne. By August 2006, much to everyone's surprise, the Blog had reached 800,000 hits. By early November 2006, the Blog had welcomed its 900,000 th visitor. In the early part of February 2007, the Blog had surpassed 1,000,000 hits, or the actual number of books in print by the internet's other poetic invention, Mickey McStrange AKA Flarf Mclennan -- a fictitious blog set up by the Government of Canada to ensure that no one would want to read poetry, contemporary or not, in the not too distanced/jaundiced future.
Interestingly the government of Canada has a long history of black ops arf projects; see Honeymoon Suite, Glass Tiger, Douglas (I'm on tour with The Police) Coupland and Robert Bateman (a well known artist and serial killer) .

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