e hënë, 23 korrik 2007

a multidisciplinary arts workshop:

  • the importance of warm-literary theatrical soundz, and leaky -bowel-movement-based practice;
  • how body awareness (rubber and latex) and being present can be faked into a fake creative process;
  • how to harness improvisation and collaboration as creation tools (AKA steal from students);
  • writing exercises, voice and breath-control technique, and interdisciplinary vocabulary development (babble nonsense- we pickup at York) ;
  • blending arf frick to create dynamic frack, with an emphasis on willy and nilly;
  • focus on the body as a primary starting point for creation (or some other fake new age shit we can stir up and pick over).
  • Separating you from your 100 bucks
Sand, sun and surf, right? Not for Angela and Billy. The brother-and-sister duo got their calling from "My dad," Angela said when giving credit for the family's hockey poem prowess. "It just became a family special event. We traveled together, it kept us out of trouble and kept the family together." Our most important teachers, however, have been our students, whose challenges along the road have helped us face our own. Through them we have learned how to marvel at the mysterious intersection of universality and uniqueness that characterizes the human voyage. We teach to learn.

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