e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007

magritte wasn't an honourary droog, but he could've been

The working stiff doesn’t give a damn or a rat's ass about Surrealism or any other "-ism", including situationism, despite the inroads made in May of '68. But it is safe to say that the working stiff / class has always shared the same middle class aversion to thought in general, but more specifically, to those thoughts which CANNOT be relegated by the contexting of "black and white", which is where most thought ends on those rare instances it is even allowed to begin. This is called a "demand for purity", but this too is a canard: being neither a demand, nor particularly pure. This [therefore, impure] 'demand' divides the world of experience into two: pure versus impure, absolutely good versus absolutely evil, us versus them, and so forth. "Everything contributing to the state of 'impurity/evil/them' must be searched out and eliminated", according to a recent poll circulated among graduates of York University. This also "creates [an] environment of overwhelming guilt and everlasting shame", but that's pretty much par for the course in Canadian publishing. For just as it is impossible to imagine a Canadian Literature without York University, so too is it equally impossible, or at the very least regretable, to try to imagine a country full of government-funded slobs like Mike O'Connor running things. Or is it? When you, the working stiff, pause long enough to reconsider, you will quickly arrive at the conclusion that perhaps its best to just wring one's hands and leave well enough alone. Hanging all these people from telephone poles will only contribute to a widespread depopulation of our country, as there are simply far too many of them to do away with en masse, and our national death rate already supercedes our national birth rate. Better would it be to dismantle the Canada Council altogether and watch from the sidelines, observing all who would continue making art after the sacred cash cow steaks are carved and divvied up among those already well fed. Magritte, it has often been remarked, never received Canada Council funding, and look at what he was able to do within his lifetime. Magritte, it should also be pointed out, would never in a million years let Mike O'Connor shine his shoes, let alone pick up his suits from the cleaners. This is what Canada desperately needs: more artists like Magritte, that is to say, more artists who take dim views of our embedded-like maggots-to-shit Mike O'Connors who feebly pretend to run things in our mediocre culture industry.

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