e premte, 27 korrik 2007

Bridget Riley Soiled Panties (24.99 a dozen)

These form fitting and attractive op-arf unmentionables make the perfect gift for that old fashioned modernist in your life who has finally grown out of those dreary Dr. Who reruns, and is looking for that special something to spice up their otherwise dull, bland and unremarkable life. Comes shipped in a plain brown wrapper. Order 3 dozen today and pay only 23.99 per dozen. Savings like these don't happen often in Alberta. Act now!

send money to:

Gas Station
c/o derek beaulieu (president, The Committee for Excellence in Alberta Arts at Gas Station (C.E.A.A.A.G.S.)
999 Patrick Lane
Calgary, Alberta
r2d 2r2

[N.B. Gas Station cannot absolutely guarantee that "Bridget Riley Soiled Panties" have been soiled by Bridget Riley. More than likely they are soiled by one or more members of The Committee For Excellence in the Alberta Arts At Gas Station, including, but not necessarily restricted to, some of our state-sponsored interns.]

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