e premte, 27 korrik 2007


! holy shit ! ,only when the crew pulled her up did we look down and realize that her leg ran up to the third floor and I looked down and he was still shooting, or was he shouting?...I was weak -- had all along been weak and broken, brokendown... downnow, I'm quitting again... It's my birthday present to myself... here we go again...just look at that picture... I just want to lick her tears... bet they taste sweet... sweeter than manna from maine.she looked down at the pile of thick white tombstones and my footprints leading in to the crypt... just as I convinced myself to shut the hell up... I looked down at my open-toed sandals. I next quickly strip down and throw my shit dribbled clothes into the shower as ... if this is it for me... then I look into the toilet and "BOOM"!!!
It was worth it, though, because it is always worth it.
It was worth it.
a thousand times it was worth it
because it is always worth it.

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