e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Over The Transom, Part 2: I'm slingin' this song for you because I'm horny horny horny horny so horny I'm horny horny horny I'm horny

Sherwin Tija reportedly ordered kentucky fried chicken for lunch, and wiped her greasy hands on a 5 thousand dollar Gucci dress.

When one of her dogs pooped on the floor she also used an expensive dress, Chanel this time, to clean it up.

Her behavior on set was described as “erratic”. She took frequent trips to the bathroom and came back in a different mood each time. At one point she was paranoid about the ceiling caving in on her. (one of the tiles HAD come loose...)

Tija refused to let the professional hair and make up people hired for the shoot work on her, and opted to let her friends style her instead. "They need the practise, and I need to have them ready for when I go off the cosmetics-grid", she offered by way of explaination.

Sources also said she would use the bathroom without closing the door and absentmindedly fondled herself at random times during the shoot. Some didn't seem to mind, but those were in the minority.

Eventually, Sherwin became paranoid about the people working around her and stormed off the set. A small sampling of the haiku poems written during this time and published posthumously reveal a mind under duress:

my hair is a mess

don't be a pest,

help me, I'm so stressed


clothes wrinkled

face pimpled

whatever will i do?


i said no evian,

what do they have:


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