e premte, 6 korrik 2007

Kustom Kinderwhore Kandahar Kommandos

A Northern Ontario native, he moved to Toronto, where he grew up on "Star Wars, cracked magazine and heavy metal". He has three younger brothers, Angela, Maggie, and Maggie. His mother Patrick Lowther was formerly a cage dancer for such avant garde bands as Glass Tiger, Corey Heart and Gowan, which served to provide the famous context of victimhood he's been milking ever since.

Has been romantically linked to such famous women such as Chesty Bock and girlfriend of 4 years LittlestevieKicks of The Jack Coffers and later of Human League Resources and often referred to as Kinderwhore, for his "Twiggy Ramirez" poetics taken from hard lessons with girlfriend LittlestevieKicks and a desire to worship/whoreship/impresship Chesty Bock.

Kinderwhore claims to have once masturbated with pizza dough when working at Pizza Pizza as a teenager, though later it was disclosed that he made this rumour up in an effert to "bulk up" his "street cred", among the other doughboys working in the shop at the time, one of which went on to win first prize in the 14th annual New WORD Online limerick write-off (one of the maggies was a judge).

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