e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Never let it be said that CHB doesn’t come up with clever gimmicky reads (read: clever gimmicky reads)

This is it! This is the one you've all been waiting for! Yes, it's what you think it is, an all-female Led Zeppelin tribute book from the secret "Zep" files deposited at the University of Calgary in 1987. As far as gimmicks go, this one's actually not a bad one. New this fall from Choke Hose Books, (almost) well known for their energetic, slaphappy gimmick books. This one sees legendary joke-book editor and frequent Choke Hose helmsman Bill "Maggie" Kennedy asleep at the wheel, driving us all around that bend where CHB mistakenly thinks we belong. Perfect for that lonely Led Zeppelin fan you may know who already has everything "Zep" related, or simply for those odd ducks on your list who have an overdeveloped yet healthy reverence for the abject but who lack a suitable outlet with which to express this and/or cannot figure out what Kristeva's going on about. The deluxe limited edition of this award winning book is designed to fit perfectly on the back of your toilet, or, as Kristeva herself suggests, you may even wish to store it within the toilet itself! At CHB you can do either, because at CHB we want you to believe in the illusion of variety! PVC-coated pages especially designed for this project by Michael Snow ensure that you can store book on toilet or store book in toilet... makes no difference to us what you do with it once you give us your money. As an aside, its a little known and deeply disguised fact that Zeppelin were the rock gurus in the seventies whom Michael Ondaatje most listened to during the writing of his "Zep Trilogy"; 'The Collected Works of Billy the Kid', 'Rat Jelly' and 'Coming Through Slaughter'. (That he was also known to spin more than anyone's fair share of Supertramp is perhaps not as well known but is nonetheless also true. Ditto Ondaatje's abiding interest in and passion for the likes of RamJam, Foghat and Styx.)

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