e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Over The Transom, Part 6: You've got to tell me what it is you want right away, otherwise I've got no way of knowing you won't need to see my penis

This handsome, well-fed-looking fellow with the shiny coat and bunny ears is John Barlow, and he is on permanent Poet Aid Rescue. Barlow was once the pampered friend of "Bill/Maggie/Bill". John and "Bill/Maggie/Bill" played ball together and walked on the beach adding to their collections of sand-dollars together, and, in general, enjoyed each other's company provided "Bill/Maggie/Bill" didn't become too fussy, which "Bill/Maggie/Bill" had been known to do on several occasions. Then, one day, of a sudden, "Bill/Maggie/Bill's" friends transferred him to a different Poetic Class altogether; one that had no room for the likes of John. "Bill/Maggie/Bill" was told in no uncertain terms that he could no longer take John with him, or "Bill/Maggie/Bill" considered it unfair to submit his John to the trauma of moving up into a different Poetic Clique, or he just didn't want the baggage of the big ole good-natured freak around his neck like coleridge' albatross. Either way, poetry in Toronto has pretty much remained the same.

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