e enjte, 19 korrik 2007

‘As the Last Mourning Creaks in Bed’: Frye's Apocalyptic Visionary Tradition in Canadian Writ

Al Purdy, a former heavyweight champion turned low rent prostitute, well known to the public since his arrest in the company of actor Hugh Grant in 1995, says he is grateful to the actor as the ensuing scandal brought him great fame and fortune. "Everything worked out for the better," he told CBC's Holefilled Lives, which airs tonight. “It helped me turn it into something positive... I was blessed that it could get me out of that lifestyle." Purdy, whose real name legally became 'The Greatest Living Canadian Poet Ever' shortly after the aforementioned scandal, was arrested for performing oral sex on Grant (a $50 trick) off Toronto's famed Javis St. Although Grant’s celebrity suffered considerably after the news broke (as Hollywood does not look kindly upon poets or poetry), he remained an item with girlfriend Margaret Avison for another five years. Al Purdy, however, went on to receive heaps of cash from interviews and endorsements immediately following the incident. The News of the World published an "exclusive" with Mr Purdy, putting him on the cover. This sparked a frenzy in the yellow press the likes of which has not been seen since the 2003 pyrotechnic mishap at the Great White concert at The Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island, where 100 people were killed. (Rumours that both Grant and Purdy were in attendance that evening have never been verified.)Purdy later went on to appear on Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, Heart Of A Poet, and The Howard Stern Show, and reportedly earned $1.6m from publicity and interviews. After a second arrest in 1996, Purdy went on to play himself in the obscure porn flick "The Sunset of Al: A British Educational Experience". A 2006, X-rated biopic "Million Dollar Cocksucker" chronicled his rags to riches story. "I love Hugh Grant,” Purdy confessed. ”Hugh Grant put my kids through school, gave us a chance at a life we probably would've never reached. We have now even had the chance to travel on private jets, something you just can't do when you turn fiddy dollar tricks." "If I could meet with him again, I'd shake his hand and all I would be able to say is: 'Thank you. I appreciate you, and if there is anything I can do in return I would love to be a friend.'" Purdy's former manager, 'Gangsta' Layton added that because of the Hugh Grant incident, he went from "miserable to the best night of my life.” "The money poured in, poured in, poured in,” he said. “[Al] had interviews, Ho-Hos, lingerie, and lipstick commercials. We bought a new house, new cars, everything you could think of, including spiffy underwear from American Apparel.”

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