e enjte, 19 korrik 2007


The Arts ReportToronto - One of the Great Canadian Novels son's has signed on to complete a children's book that was left unfinished when the Novel died last year. An unnamed journalist who writes for the National PostholeDiggerz (PhD), has signed a deal with publishers McClelland and Stewart to finish the project. Unfortunately, unbridled enthusiasm surrounding this project is bordering on the smarmy, and can push the Novel's judgement askew. The whole idea of the Novel now seems puzzling at best. And the idea of a sophomoric Novel is particularly bewildering. The Novel's son is also effusive in his praise for work of already overrated Novels. Governor General's Awards always gives more credit to the Novel than is due. The Novel is not G.G.G. (good, giving and game). The Giller gives better head.

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