e martë, 31 korrik 2007

I am disillusioned by recent events. Like most other people I had expectations for the Internet that were not met.

...maybe it does in fact take all kinds to make a world?

Vinyl is as au natural as lunch meat.
--Christopher Dewdney

Plastic silly pussy, with which I simulate, I mean stimulate, then splat, every face of reality in need of a smack, thus converting all the gee-wizard elements of the pocket-planet into my most uncommon emulsion, I mean emulation -- and it's brown today, the colour of a brownout. While I sleep, my automatons toil throughout the night, they have serious magics to work, transmuting everything into a openly mouthy phase of our dis tease, which is where my true love lies. But in secret, I really exalt with a swiffer genie, marveling to think that, in some landfill of the future not too far off but far off enough to not pose an immediate threat, yet still long after our own extinction, a single drop of my doodie might still endure, can you imagine? -- my stiffen griffin a roused. Ain't that something? I may not be like you but that's no reason for you to not exist. At least I would hope that you might allow yourself to exist. Existing is exciting. Try it sometime.

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