e martë, 31 korrik 2007

when eye close my eye deformed by Backstreet Boys in the Hood

Singing lesbian nuns who scream "Dominique" at 2am, despite ignored/repeated requests for 'The Boys Are Back in Town' by Thin Lizzy

Non-sticky sperm whales

Girls who think they have the biggest dick in the world, when in actuality its the smallest I've ever seen. }:]

"The S.N.F.U. L=a=n=g=u=a=g=e Lab Coat Types at S.F.U."

People who can eat their poem that weight on me in food and still never be hungry

Really prissy boys who take FOREVER to get ready to go anywhere!

Friends who call or talk to you when they have nothing to tell you or only want to hear about "whats going on with you".

People who charge their opinion to match yours because yours is righter than their left.

Up-skirt Cripple Creeks

Listening to Olsen Twins, or seeing Brittany at a Hilton somewhere in France

Lawyers, guns and butter

People who return, from the dead... or in turn, form the dead in a really CRAPPY condition.

When people quote the old testament book in their profiles.... WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!

Guys who hit on you when they KNOW you've been going out with the same idiot for over a year.

Wise Guys

Asshole's gaping anus

People who blare alt-Christan rap out of their pickup trucks in Alberta.

Bully by Larry Clark

people who think they are in bikinis or tiny clothes when we know damn well they've got the tent we'll be sleeping in tonight there on their persons

Movies that shell out 10 bucks and then ask stupid questions later

People who own a bunch of buddhistiva statues and don't know a thing about The Madonna or Cindy Lauper.

Prison Tattoos... nothing says overpriced more than bad prison tattoos

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