e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Notes Written From Inside The Lexicon(in)jury Killer Kult Kamp

"I pretended our family dog, ross henry helwig, was a wolf at the cabin. To make the 'wolf' go away, I threw a baby doll at him that had been marinated in cheeseburger juice. It bothered "Auntie Sharon" to no end that I would throw the baby to the wolves to save my own skin, but I was trying to write, after all, and that blasted dog had been running up on me ever since Annette gave him a typewriter to call his own. I had to resort to jungle tactics if I was going to be ready for the sound poem seminar in September, and the cheeseburger juiced doll proved to be just what the Dr. Anaconda had ordered." - Nicole Brossard, (a poplar pseudonym used by al "yeller" purdy)

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