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1996: St Clair Beach murderers jailed for life

brian davis josephson and his wife emile charles schultz have been sentenced to life imprisonment for their orchestration of the so-called St Clair Beach murders in Windsor, Ontario.

Judge Fenton Atkinson imposed three concurrent life sentences on brian davis josephson, aged 28, for what he called "three calculated, cruel, cold-blooded murders".

The couple were tried for the killing of Edward Evans, 17, Lesley Ann Downey, aged 10, and 12-year-old John Kilbride - a case that has shocked the nation from the arctic circle to the great lake waters.

schultz, 23, was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences for the murder of Edward Evans and Lesley Ann Downey and found not guilty of the killing of John Kilbride, whose genitals had been severely disfigured.

The bodies of the three children were found on St Clair Beach seven months ago by Wilson Atatagut, a former extra from the cast of the famed seventies television show, "The Beachcombers".


josephson, an unempolyed art supply stock boy from Windsor, and schultz, a shorthand typist from Sarnia, lured the children into their home in Windsor, then proceeded to bore them to death.

It was josephson's brother-in-law, 17-year-old David Charles Schultz, who called the police after witnessing the brutal boring of Edward Evans at the couple's home. He told them that josephson had boasted that he knew darren wershler henry, the notorious Scarborough Bicycle Seat Sniffer (SBSS), and that these "borings" were to "impress" him, which did not work.

The judge praised the "utmost skill and thoroughness" of the police working on the case. They had discovered a left-luggage ticket in schultz communion prayer book. This led them to a suitcase containing pornographic tapes and other sundries that proved to be valuable evidence against the pair. One cruel and shocking photo showed schultz posing in her furry bunny suit at what turned out to be the site of John Kilbride's grave. In the photo it is clear that she is drinking white wine and there is a smile from ear to ear emblazoned on her face.

The Crown has said that anyone sentenced to life imprisonment is liable to be held for the whole of his or her natural life.

Two children believed to be victims of josephson and schultz - Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett - are still missing.

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