e enjte, 5 korrik 2007

Oulipo harder you tetunic short order shit for brains

A signature must not contain porn, however gore/death/shock are allowed if you add a Warning, contains post language satire, may not be suitible for people over 18 or something like that. Your signature picture may not contain any gore or porn. My policy on nudity is "Boobs and Ass are nice." (because they ARE, y'know?) Now as to avatars. an avatar is pretty stupid, just make sure they don't contain porn or gore or any of that limp dick visual poetry your boyfirend sayz is great. Personal texts are simple too, just make sure yours offends everyone. If you think it's stupid put it in, basically. Custom titles are only handed out to people by the fuhrer if he think you deserve it. They are there so people know what the council think about them. If he give you a derogatory/offending custom title and you want it changed, please don't bother to PM me. Have fun!

once more, with feeling = and no one gets hurt

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