e premte, 14 shtator 2007

The Last Spike: part 4

iv) Court Order for Arnold Paterson to keep the hell away from Nat.C.
I want you all to know I have supported your support for me during this duress of time and this time of duress. A.P. (Arnold Paterson), for those of you who do not know, Arnold, Mr. Paterson, has not been obsessing me but has been obsessing over me and as a stalker I have finally courted him (and by courted, court-ordered him). His lily red lips have been punished to Sudbury, where he is ensconced in a palace of nickel to which only I have the key. To turn down the tempo (and this is a different voice now in this sentence) let me remind you that this is so far as is known, a novel. As with any such situation, the punishment upon my “reader” is well-known to include visits, punctuations and rolling curtains of fleshitude.

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