e premte, 14 shtator 2007

buy bigger houses

Unloading the washer

I saw the mate to my sock

Called my friend Shelly.

“Do you suppose that Lost Socks put me on!?”

I wasn’t buying into Shelly’s Socks

get bored he insisted

and want a fresh start

get tired of stinky hoes

who wander in search of carving freedom they go on the lam.

They creep out of their agitated spins

leaving half a pair wet, and alone.

What does a sock do

when away from his shoes,

and new to the singles scene?

He parties hard, and hits on

other socks on the run

while his wife sleeps pondering life’s meaning

from inside a dank boot it’s fresh air cooler

Well her yarn did make sense,

I didn’t like losing my stuff.

But to seek something better is the Canadian way,

though it’s so hard to part with my sock!!!

Dennis Lee and Margaret Atwood ©

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