e martë, 7 gusht 2007

It is well documented that Baudelaire believed the carriage return lever to be an instrument of the bourgeoisie

"To a certain extent, people of my generation were conned into thinking The Doors were deep and meaningful because of ‘The End’ being used in Apocalypse Now. Footage of helicopters and animal sacrifice are bound to give a tune a sort of intellectual gloss. Mostly though, I blame the drugs: I obviously hadn’t taken enough at that point. I still listen to The Doors occasionally (although definitely not An American Prayer), but never again will I sit halfway up a mountain in the adirondacks first thing in the morning, with a big spliff and a Walkman, communing with nature and really getting to grips with the lyrics of ‘The Soft Parade’" - uncle walt whitman - from the introduction to the 34 version of leaves of grass (get it!!) with "art work" by ray johnson

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