e premte, 3 gusht 2007

Pat your own back-off get your own sandbox

Recent developments in Ho-Ho technology have left famed Young Ortist British (YOB) Damient Hurtz shattered. Manufacturers of new Cheeselette Notoriety-Bomb Ho-Ho's, Practical Lint Inc, have recently announced their shark fin and butter-maggot filling has always included formaldehyde - something Hurtz dementedly bragged about bringing to the masses just ten short years ago.

Hurtz's sculpture The Physical Possibility of Life in the Mind of Someone Dead, which includes a 20 foot cloud of formaldehyde floating in a tiger shark was just the first in his campaign to bring awareness of the necessity of more formaldehyde in the typical human diet.

This new admission from Practical Lint that for years their Ho-Ho's have been even more nutritious than was at first believed has left Hurtz running to casualty for emergency hand surgery (he had his hand surgically attached to his own back tissue several years ago in a non-Arf related accident.)

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