e diel, 19 gusht 2007

AKA the ponymen

Michael Ondaatje- Karl Young- Neil Hennessey-Darren Wershler-Henry AKA the super group to form the core of the NEW Horseman Project - think of them like Journey - think of them like 4 Steve Perrys - blending their considerable talents to best service (and we do mean service) the text

Dear Friends -- I think most of you know my early history as the Poor Horseman member of The Four Horsemen (for others, there's more about that in the show description below). Those of you who saw last year's work-in-progress production of Volcano Theatre's *The Four Horsemen Project* know what a great job was done in adapting The Horsemen's group and individual material to a modern dance-theatre production. The final version, revised and improved, is set to run for two weeks in Toronto, starting February 15, then on to Ottawa. I
expect it to be a real stunner. Read on to learn more.

All the best,

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