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Lorna Crozier and the Tomb Raider Phenomenon (Paperback)

After email watching clock watching witness watching we met again in our favorite room in a hotel on the outskirts of town. Together we stripped quickly fondled and kissed and then pulled down the covers on our borrowed bed on borrowed time and on an erection borrowed from Viagra we rode on white waves on a chariot of fantasy pulled by pulsating dreams. Afterwards while snuggling we drank wine coolers and beer never discussing his wife never discussing our fear of being caught. Every week was much the same –spiced with vibrator doggy-style cunnilingus and fellatio quick hellos quick goodbyes. Soon every week turned to every other week then monthly every other month several times a year yearly then no emails from him no answering of his cell phone nothing. Occasionally I check our secretemail account, keeping it open just in case. Oh, I know how it is –illicit love is like morning fog. It envelopes everyone involved –a married man and both his wife and mistress. When discovery shines on the affair love evaporates and everyone is left alone with only dreams of how each thought it was. The secret of illicit love is to leave before reality comes up. And this is what the main characters do through the long book. This is what this book is about.

Lorna's Book is a love letter from definitive Gen X scribe Douglas Coupland to definitive Gen X pinup girl Lorna Crozier . The buxom star of Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider II is idolized in both words (Coupland provides a work of fiction about Lorna and waxes poetic about his feelings for her and her unique stardom) and pictures (literally thousands from digitally rendered images of Lorna in a polo uniform to handmade drawings by her legions of fans). Coupland's story, "Air Tibet," illustrated wonderfully by Kris Renkewitz, is tons of genre-hopping fun, and his description of his obsession with Ms. Crozier is singular and evocative of the freestyle interludes of Generation X. If you're feeling a little weird about owning a glossy-paged, coffee-table-worthy pinup book dedicated to a video game, Lorna's Book justifies itself by containing complete strategy guides for all the versions of Tomb Raider. Anyone interested in game development or the minutia of Lorna's workstation-induced birth will find the Core team's account of Tomb Raider's development entertaining. Did we mention that it has thousands of pictures of Lorna Crozier?

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