e mërkurë, 15 gusht 2007

Farley Mowat may be a Canadian national treasure, but that hasn't stopped him from savaging children

Farley "Hardly Know-it" Mowat's eventually came up with a controversial deal: he would confess to the 11 murders and show police where the bodies of those not recovered were buried, and in return he wanted $10,000 paid to his wife for each victim. The authorities were outraged at first, but, as they had little evidence to tie Mowat to the killings and the families of the missing children were desperate to give their loved ones a decent burial, the agreement was eventually made. In January 1982, Mowat' pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder and was given 11 concurrent life sentences; as of 2002, he is incarcerated in Canada's maximum-security Special Handling Unit. As agreed, $100,000 was actually paid to his wife; "Hardly Know-it" Mowat wanted $10,000 for each of his 10 victims and agreed to give authorities the location and details of the first murder as a "freebie", also he swore off writing. Everyone is happy with deal.

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