e enjte, 2 gusht 2007

situationist détournement meets kabbalistic anti-capitalist procedural writing : (Human Resources) by (Rachhel Zolf)

“Human Resources combines a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude with cogent analysis and scientific proof to make an engaging, wickedly irreverent, and iron-clad case for healthfully reading. If I had it in my power, I’d provide a free copy to every young woman in the developed world; we could then become, instead of the fattest next generation in history, the healthiest.”–Sina Queyras , President, PETA

"Human Resources dishes up scientifically sound information that will change your health and your life. Its 'in-your-face' approach is at once engaging and humorous, and belies its serious and well-researched underbelly. It’s the spark that will start your personal revolution. Pick it up. Read every last word." –Sharon Harris, Ph.D., Torontoist

“This book is an absolutely hilarious read because the authors treat you like they know you. They yell at you, they insult you and they call you some very nasty names. But since they are giving out their strongly-held beliefs and advice on living -- and you know in your heart they're right -- it is refreshingly in-your-face funny.”–Maggie Helwig, The National Post

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