e enjte, 2 gusht 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Jeff "there's no escape from the master-slave dialectic" Derksen

In interviews Jeff Derksen has cited Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd's first album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, as well as the music of the Ohio Players as the only influance on his "craft".

Derksen claims that he has never been consciously influenced by poems or poets and attributes the any recognizable elements in his work to the sounds of having grown up in BC. Although he claims that it could certainly be just the influence of "flouride in the jello" . Derksen's fondness for spaghetti westerns is evidenced by the book he wrote in 1994 called "Trouble in Tidy Town's Poison Heart" winner of that years Archibald & Gerald Lamprey Memorial Reward.

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