e diel, 22 korrik 2007

Junior got too close to this dog crap and ate it?

Christopher Dewdeny suddenly felt his scar hurting again and something growing larger and larger in his pants. It was like a monster that wanted to lunge at Robert Kroetsch. Dewdeny became frightened. He thought to himself with his heart beating rapidly "what if David W. McFadden wants some pppppussy"?. He realized McFadden must be using Occulmancy against him again. It was a particlarly hazing day for Dewdeny who had just discovered Douglas Barbour was a Death Eater after he discovered him having a threesome with Patrick Lane and his much more talented but nonetheless dead brother Red Lane, whereupon all three were captured and put into a York University reading list. Dewdney went into the common room and told everything to Lorna Crozier and Paulette Jiles. Crozier replied reassuringly "Chris, mate, it's nothing to do with McFadden... it happens to us pure-bloods all the time. You just can't see it through my robes because it's too small". Dewdney replied sharply "I don't even like girls". "Oh my God" screamed Paulette, "He is using 'Erectous Humungous Thumper", your dick will explode and you will die!" "that's quite alright, y'see, its really what I most want", he replied, all smiles.

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