e martë, 17 korrik 2007

The Last Spike: epicide 2

ii) Distinctive sounds and favours omitted from previous section

Cherry trees nestling willows obeying and orioles barking churlishly. Dud chalk sewage and scentless cherry blossoms. A tour bus resting engines and letting out dust. Hundreds of car doors slamming all around and rending retinal scars thru shiny door stars. Park patrollers not yet past Layton on motorscooter at the checkpoint. William Carlos Williams described Layton affectionately and the park patrollers did not. Layton was up twice for the Nobel Prize and the park patrollers did not award it to him. Far too small helmet and far too large moustache juggled over his face in the wind blocked his eyes touched his ears sopping wet in his mouth moustache wild and unwelded as satan’s socks. Taking a cellphone smaller than his thumb touching into it. I’m going to have a milkshackle.

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