e diel, 8 korrik 2007

really it was actually so hum, so humbling

very shambolic and noisy, and often considered "slow" had half the audience on-stage with them singing backup vocals, installed spikes in the head but blaring, out-of-tune dissonance became part of the signature sound. Some say the charm lies in their ability to upset audiences, while attracting their undivided attention and curiosity at the same time, was widely derided, not only for its offensive "arf", but its bizarre sound, and yet sold few copies to aboveground. This, in brief, was the concept: to be bad in ways that no one had ever been bad before. However, they even failed to fail, and their audience continued to grow as their outlandish approach appealed to those seeking something different and encouraged horn players to join them for their anthem, "Sex Bomb Worm Holes YEA!";

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