e martë, 17 korrik 2007

We all hail from The Lollipop Guild, The Lollipop Guild, Lollipop Guild...

I began writing poetry in my very late adolescence, producing work inspired mostly by the likes of Michael Ondaatje, Leonard Cohen, Gwendolyn MacEwan and 50 Cent. I published some of this juvenilia, but I quickly became convinced late in my undergraduate career that if I continued writing emotive, lyrical anecdotes, then I was unlikely to make any important, epistemic contributions to the history of poetry. I there and then decided to become more experimental in my approach but only after I encountered the work of Harris Kane during my graduate studies. I was surprised to discover that, despite my literary training, none of my previous professors had ever deigned to expose me to the "secret history" of the avant-garde (what with its wonderful zoo of conceptual novelties and linguistic anomalies). I realized then that by trying to write emotional anecdotes, I was foolishly striving to become the kind of poet that I "should be" rather than the kind of hawker of stolen goods that I "could be" (since no one knew this "secrete history" I could in fact fake it as my own -- and frankly no one would be the wiser (I mean, come on those guys are all losers without any real education, just talent and talent is nothing as anyone who has attended the University of Calgary knows.)) So I made up my mind that I would dedicate my complete literary practice to a whole array of formalistic thefts, boosted loops and pedestrian skullduggery, modeled after what I took away from watching how Kane operates. He sure is slick! And now, to my surprise, I've been shortlisted for an award! -- the prize isn't very much, but I cain still put it on my resume, and that's what's really important. Ben, my pet pug, is so proud of me. Just today when I stepped in to the door he brought over to me the little lime green chew toy I gave him for his birthday last year and dropped it at my feet. You should have seen the look on his face when he did this. It was so cute, and I just knew it was his way of congratulating me. Ben's a big fan of all my formally 'informal' innovations, though surprisingly enough, he isn't much for Kane's work. What cain I say, the dog's got discriminating taste. Sometimes though, late at night, we'll secretely duet together with some of my post-Dyslexicon sound poems. One day, with a little luck, I hope to be able to release these duets through TalonAudioBooks -- if Derek can get me in. Christian's heard them and has already promised me a blurb. We'll just have to wait and see, but I think my chances are good. Its not as if I were attempting anything new.

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