e hënë, 9 korrik 2007

"The Giant Machine" "Big Machine" "Super Machine" The Machines gimmick was copied from "Super Strong Machine"

"If you fall and crack your head open, and you don't notice the pint of blood that has gushed all over the front of your white shirt, the First Aid people are likely to strap your ass to a stretcher, accuse you of having a spinal cord injury even if you can prove you can wiggle your toes, and then toss you in an ambulance. Then the medical community may, depending on the amount of sadistic glee they get from watching you struggle, belt your chin and arms to the bed, ask you stupid questions like, 'What's your surname?', and finally try to coerce you into peeing in a bedpan before finally, 4 hours later, releasing you into the free world armed only with a photocopied page of Head Injury Instructions."

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