e enjte, 5 korrik 2007

he's really worth feeling up at least once

bill likes dark dark metal from Norway where there is balance in all things light is sinister to darkness, good is bother too bad and he has a cushy day job but at night he really goes to town it is the stink of existence it is the truth that beguiles understanding in the big smoke of langpopcorn the word is hardly yet very real (sorta/maybe = well the grant cash is where it's at) even if his imagination is pawned off and defined by big box bill still loves dark birth dark sex (well a dark j/o in a dark room - can we leave the lights off honey, please pass me a tissue, thanx sweetie) dark love (until his best "friend" fucks his chicks and hens behind his back) dark works (well not too dark i mean mistress alana needs to ok it first and then we know no lines have been overstepped) dark Naugahyde® and no one understands how bill felt how bill felt what oppressive punctuation could even mean

This is the world of Dark Bill.

A world of Monsters and Heroes.

It's all a mastery of perspective.

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