e martë, 31 korrik 2007

View, sample and bye very good books by pretty good people

A poem about the Pope begins, somewhat hopefully "Any poodle under ten inches high is a toy." Baxter Black Monroe unveils his new collection of cowbell poems and a two-ton poodle with running lights or a mutant frog on a leash dripping yellow pus where it wanders... City Dog Catcher this is NOT who they were looking for, indeed, it would seem you're barking up the wrong tree? ... Maybe today good day for you to go fly a kite? (Not to mention breast and body shape, but god forbid we should ever mention THAT until we have cable syndication) ... The stills hardly resemble Monroe at all. But I am not saying Baxter Black Monroe never did animal porn.... We can't ever know if he did or if he didn't... We've narrowed your sexy favorites down to the final round of 16, and now it's time for you to select this year's top American Superstar Symbol daughter's dance talent soon... Then she began to walk, babysteps at first, and then when she was only 2 Rochelle tried to copy the moves to the Nutcracker, Good Ship Lollypop, Mama Said Knock You Out, and other favorites ...

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