e premte, 27 korrik 2007

the american vispoems - are they really so violently bad?

Where better to begin a discussion of this genre than with the one and only Chas. 'cha-chas' Bernstein, the legendary poet who helped to pioneer torture horror vispo with work like the above: "The Hills Have Their Eyes On The Last House on the Left (Location Location Location #13)" long before it was ever called vispo.
"It used to be that the editors and poets alike were not familiar with vispoop, as we like to call it around here. and many thought it was something terribly nasty if not downright sick. And now a lot of "University Hangers-On", like myself and pretty much anyone in the MFA way, have grown up looking like the genre and work I casually tossed off is clapped to regularly. And still, they have the audacity to think… "we're nasty and sick! we can do that too". Of coarse people like jeff huth and din swabber are doing their bite to drag the whole medium into the sewer too, god bless one and all"

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