e hënë, 25 qershor 2007


the people who put out spam in the first place must be having a ball! now they know they have people actually reading and paying attention to all this junk -- who knows, maybe part of one of those topsecret gov't black files projects in which they release things into the world to see what effect they will have? -- nullify political protest engagement questioning? well, they used to let loose tons of lsd and dope into the environment -- and that helped screw a lot of things up -- but too dangerous now. they do top secret projects, esp. following on the totally unexpected success of the black flies language poetry experiment -- yes, dear friends, didn't you know that langpo is originally a cia experiment? intended to turn "radicals" into a wave of drones leafletting the landscape and infiltrating the universities -- bearing the same message that true "radical" innovation takes place only within syntax on the page and if adhered to properly, will safely guarantee you a salary job and lots of publication -- and be part of a world wide net!!! yes! -- the cuttin' edge!! -- get blown away by rebecca de mornay!!!

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